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Tomorrow night we will be in Tokyo, and the night after that we will be in Pittsburgh.  We have been super busy this past week as I’m sure you can imagine.  All week I have been saying that we are almost done packing, but all the little things we have to do just seem endless.  I think tonight is going to be another late night.  On Friday we had our pottery sale, and it was a big success.  Thank you to everyone who came.  I hope you enjoy your pots!  Here are some photos I took before the sale started…

We transformed our living room into a small gallery.  Maya was our helper for the day.

I wish I could say that Saya was a good helper too, but babies and pottery don’t mix well.

(Saya painted the little ladybug.  I put it on the shelf to bring us good luck for our sale 🙂

And here is some cuteness for you…

Our friend Ai stopped by on Saturday.  Her children’s hamsters had babies, and she brought one of them over to our house for Saya to play with.  Saya loved that of course!

This is the last time that I will be writing about our lives in Kochi, Japan.  I won’t go into how sad I am about leaving Kochi because it is just too difficult.  I have said too many goodbyes and shed lots of tears this week.  Tomorrow there will be at least 15 people seeing us off at the airport.  I am just praying that I will make it through that in one piece.  Please keep visiting to see what is in store for this little family of ours.  All my love to everyone in Kochi.

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happy baby (I can still call her my baby right?)

Our first rest stop on the way to our campsite.  We stopped as soon as we saw the sign that said ocean park.  We found these tide pools that were perfect for an early morning swim.  They were filled with all kinds of cute little fish.

Rest stop number two.  Saya and her good friend Sakura.

We ate shaved ice.  The flavor is yamamomo.  So good.

Jellyfish are so cool.  They had loads of these little guys for sale at the udon shop where we ate lunch.  I was tempted to buy some, but thank goodness Junji talked me out of that.  We definitely don’t need to be buying more pets when we are a week away from moving :).

Saya and Sakura watching the jellyfish.  We can’t take our eyes off of them.  They are so beautiful.  (Isn’t it these little discoveries along the way that make life so much fun?)


And finally, the beach.  There are no fancy restaurants or resorts here–just a bunch of surfers and campers enjoying the white sand and clear water.

The shoe queen.  Wherever there are shoes to be found, there is Saya trying on every pair.

The kids.

Our campsite.

Saya relaxes while everyone else works to pack up the cars.  Good times in Kochi.

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The huge dancing festival in Kochi this past weekend seemed like the perfect chance to take some photos.  Junji and I both tried, but it was more difficult than we thought it would be to get a good shot.  We had fun though.  This is my favorite.  (more on flickr)

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more weekend photos

Trying to figure out the chopstick thing…   She insists on feeding herself these days.

beach babe

It doesn’t get much better than these smiles.

Elena, the little girl in the picture above, gave this dress to Saya.  She chose it herself, and I love it!  She has good taste.

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On Saturday we stayed at the beach all day and into the night.  We had a really good time with friends.  I took lots of photos throughout the day, but my favorites are these evening photos.  Everyone was tired out at this point–but in a good, relaxed kind of way.  We didn’t see an awesome sunset or anything, but the light was beautiful.

the bubble-catching dance

doesn’t junji look so sweet with a baby in his arms 🙂

Well, that’s probably enough pictures for now.  More tomorrow…

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For kids in Japan, summer is a time for festivals.  They dress up in yukatas (summer kimonos), eat ice cream, catch goldfish, and play with fireworks.  On Saturday we had our summer festival at school.  This year Saya wore a yukata for the first time.  She looked beautiful and we were so proud of her!  I tried to dress her by myself, but I ended up having to run down the block to get some friends to help me.  I still have a lot to learn about Japanese motherhood…

Saya in her yukata.

Another pretty Yukata.  (All of the girls looked so beautiful!)

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I am so exhausted after this weekend, but we had some fun adventures.  The rainy season is over, and it is really hot these days, so most of our outdoor activities involve water.

On Friday afternoon, Saya and I biked along the river.  We met this cute little girl.  She had two nets, so she let Saya play with one.

She was catching tiny little shrimp.

riverside flowers

On Sunday, Saya and I visited Junji at his studio.  They were doing a bisque firing.

more river exploration (this time a bit further from our house)

This little crab was cute!

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