…before I pack up my sewing machine.

It’s a linen skirt for fall.  It’s really long!  Is it too long??   (We found her hat from last winter while we were packing.  I think it makes the outfit.)

…at our house this week.  (But we are getting things done, and handling the moving stress pretty well.)

yosakoi photo fun

The huge dancing festival in Kochi this past weekend seemed like the perfect chance to take some photos.  Junji and I both tried, but it was more difficult than we thought it would be to get a good shot.  We had fun though.  This is my favorite.  (more on flickr)


We spent the day at the beach with some friends who have a little boy the same age as Saya.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the two of them.  They are such a perfect match.  It is amazing how similar their behavior is. They were doing everything together all day.  For a while they were just sitting on some camping chairs and chatting with each other.  How lucky is Saya so have such a good friend!

We had a lovely weekend as usual, but this week has been a rough one for us–we are just swamped with work and a big translation project that we have to finish.  (Plus all of the moving stuff that we have to think about.)  Junji and I have divided up some of the moving tasks that we have to do.  I am in charge of buying plane tickets, booking an international moving company, and figuring out how to bring our pet turtle into the U.S.  I have almost completed these three tasks, so I am feeling good about that.

Last weekend we went to one of our favorite river spots with Junji’s brother and some other friends.  We had such a fun time.  We swam out to some good jumping rocks, and tested our courage by jumping/diving/flipping into the river.  It was so much fun.  I played so hard, just like a little kid.  I got way too much sun, but it was worth it.

Our favorite swimming spot happens to be in a paper-making village, so I bought some tosa washi (Kochi handmade paper) while we were there.  Some of the paper was so expensive.  I saw a nice sheet of paper that I thought would make a pretty lamp cover, but it was 10,000 yen (about $100)!  I only bought a few sheets of this butterfly print paper.

The next night I took Saya to play with clay at Junji’s pottery studio.  She has been there before, but this is the first time that we actually let her play freely with clay.  (She is past the age where she puts everything into her mouth.)

Our friends’ kids also went to the studio that night.  They are Saya’s good friends.

Maya is the oldest, and she takes very good care of Saya.

I guess it’s back to work on the translation.  blah.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

run, saya, run

Saya can really run now, and I swear it is the cutest thing that I have ever seen her do–maybe the cutest thing that I have seen ever.  The pictures can’t really do it justice, but the joy on her face and the way her arms really get going…it warms my heart.  I can’t stop smiling today.  (We may have an athlete on our hands.)

our big news…

I haven’t posted much recently because I have been so busy.  We are in the midst of a big transition in our family.  After much thought and discussion Junji and I have decided to return to the States.  We are moving back at the end of August.  We are really busy with all of the details involved in an overseas move.  There really is a lot to be done.  We are still unsure about what the future holds for us exactly, but we are excited about all of the possibilities.  It should be an adventure for sure, so I hope you’ll stick around to see how it all unfolds.

In Kochi we are living in a very small apartment.  It is actually the first floor of a family home, and it is very lovely, but tiny.  My new hobby is fantasizing about our new home–wherever that may be.  When we move I want to be very intentional about the kind of home that we create and what we bring into our home.  I can spend hours looking at Japanese design magazines, and trying to figure out what I like.  One of the many things that I have gained from my time living in japan is a more clear sense of what I like in terms of design.

I recently bought two great books about sewing with linen.  They have lots of really nice projects in them, and I have been inspired.  (I wanted to give you the links to the Amazon Japan pages, but I am having trouble putting in Japanese links, so I will have to try that again later.) I made this bag for Saya’s toiletries (comb, nail clippers, sunscreen etc.).

I also made this little wall hanging for Saya’s new room.  (Everything I make seems to be for my daughter.)  I want my dad to help me make a cool wooden frame for it.

Sometimes I don’t know what to make, but I have lots of ideas floating around in my head right now–mostly for Saya’s clothes, so I hope I can find time for sewing amidst all of my moving duties.  Wish me luck!