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Wednesday’s are one of my most free days of the week.  Saya and I go to school until noon, and then we are free for the rest of the day.  We often meet friends on Wednesdays, but today we had no plans, and I was having a hard time thinking of things that Saya and I could do together.

Playing with a one-year-old can be difficult.  She loves to explore around the house and she can entertain herself amazingly well with her toys, but I want to get better at playing with her.  My husband is so much better at that than I am.  He always gets her laughing.  (I excel more at cuddling, bathing, feeding, comforting, and those kinds of things…)

I was looking on the internet tonight for play ideas.  This may still be a bit advanced for Saya, but my favorite idea that I found was shake and paint from toddlertoddler.com.

If anyone has any good toddler play ideas, please share–and I will let you know what else I come up with!  (I added a category, “toddler play ideas”, and there are a few things there that I hope might be helpful to someone.)

Here are some photos from today–a very average day in the life of our family.

We went for a walk.  She is a really good walker now, so we can go quite far even without a stroller.  She stops a lot though–for every stone that she notices on the ground.

We played with water.  I filled up the bucket and gave her a few cups to play with.

Junji came home during his break, and read books with Saya.

She knows that her books are on the bottom shelf.  She’s going for the elmo book!

The elmo puppet book is definitely a favorite.

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I had my camera at school today, so I took a few photos of the kids playing.  I brought in a bunch of saya’s old clothes, and we hung a clothes line outside of the classroom.  The kids pretended to wash the clothes and hang them on the line.  They really enjoy this activity.  They love anything that involves water, and trying to work out how to clip the clothes onto the line is a good challenge for them.  This was one of my co-worker’s idea, and I think it’s a winner!

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The other day, when we were out for udon with Saya’s grandfather, we saw this beautiful family with two little boys. They all looked so good in their natural hippy style clothing. The boys were dressed alike with tunics and striped pants. They looked so comfortable and cute, and Saya already had a similar tunic, so I went home and made her these striped linen pants.

I added this little crab because summer is coming soon, and there will be loads of crabs crawling around our backyard. (Actually, there were a few dead crabs in the entryway of our house when I came home from work today. Apparently Junji brought them inside because he wanted to sketch them.)

Also, yesterday we made lots of these PET bottles filled with colored water and beads. Fun for kids of all ages (and adults 🙂 ) I brought them to the kindergarten today and everyone loved them.

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At the school where I work there is a kindergarten section and a nursery section.  I teach in the kindergarten section, and Saya recently started to join the nursery section a few days a week.  Today the little ones made these rocket ships, and they all loved playing with them.  Basically you just tape some streamers on a plastic bag and add a short string at the top of the bag for something to hold on to.  When the kids run holding on to the string, the bag fills with air and the streamers fly in the wind.  This project is simple to make and lots of fun–what more can you ask for!

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