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Because I am working at a kindergarten, I get to check out all of the kids’ lunches, and I am really impressed by all of the good ideas that the moms here in Japan have for cute lunch boxes.  Now that Saya is coming to school with me a few days a week, I have to make a lunch box for her, so recently I have been trying to make a cute bento.  I don’t usually cook Japanese food, but this is my version of a bento.  Here is her lunch from Friday…

Clockwise from top left:  Rice ball with veggie furikake, cherries, tomato and green onion quiche, bunny pasta with spinach

all packed in a hello kitty lunch box 🙂

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It’s always exciting when you discover a good restaurant, so I just have to share…
We had lunch yesterday at udon shop Miyake. It was fast, cheap, and super delicious–with fresh handmade noodles.

They had some cool pots too.

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Rice bowl

made by Junji Miyazawa

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Saya and I walked into a Japanese sweets shop the other day on our walk. It is near our house–I don’t know why I’ve never been in there before. I love these sweets. They are so refined and beautiful…and delicious! I can never resist buying a few.

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yogurt party

What kind of parent lets their kid eat yogurt like this?

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