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baby gifts

I have a few friends that have had babies recently, so I have been thinking a lot about ideas for baby gifts. These gauze handkerchiefs are a pretty standard baby item here in Japan, so I thought I would just buy some and do some simple stitching on them. I like the way they turned out, but now I am thinking that the designs don’t seem very baby-ish. Oh well… Tomorrow I am going to start on some bibs.

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Saya’s skirt

This used to be my skirt (from banana republic).  It never looked quite right on me, so I changed it into a skirt for Saya.  It looked almost exactly like this when it was my size.

Envelopes (inside out)

I got this idea from an awesome book I bought last weekend.  I wish I could tell you what it’s called, but it’s all in Japanese.  Airmail envelopes usually have some kind of interesting print on the inside, so you can just cut the original envelope down the sides, flip it inside out, and re-tape the sides with colored masking tape.

I love colored masking tape these days.  It’s awesome for card-making, wrapping gifts, and lots of other  projects.

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The other day, when we were out for udon with Saya’s grandfather, we saw this beautiful family with two little boys. They all looked so good in their natural hippy style clothing. The boys were dressed alike with tunics and striped pants. They looked so comfortable and cute, and Saya already had a similar tunic, so I went home and made her these striped linen pants.

I added this little crab because summer is coming soon, and there will be loads of crabs crawling around our backyard. (Actually, there were a few dead crabs in the entryway of our house when I came home from work today. Apparently Junji brought them inside because he wanted to sketch them.)

Also, yesterday we made lots of these PET bottles filled with colored water and beads. Fun for kids of all ages (and adults 🙂 ) I brought them to the kindergarten today and everyone loved them.

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At the school where I work there is a kindergarten section and a nursery section.  I teach in the kindergarten section, and Saya recently started to join the nursery section a few days a week.  Today the little ones made these rocket ships, and they all loved playing with them.  Basically you just tape some streamers on a plastic bag and add a short string at the top of the bag for something to hold on to.  When the kids run holding on to the string, the bag fills with air and the streamers fly in the wind.  This project is simple to make and lots of fun–what more can you ask for!

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Veggie Stamps

I made these cards for Tomiko’s birthday. It was so easy and fun. I used okra and lotus root for these, but small peppers and other veggies can work as well.

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Okra and Lotus Root


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