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celebrate new beginnings!

It feels like forever since the last time I posted something here.  Junji and I have been busy busy busy.  We finally found a house and we are so excited about it.  It’s a very old house that needs a lot of cleaning and a little bit of love–but I think it is going to be awesome.  We haven’t moved in yet, but hopefully that will happen before the end of the month.  We have been going through so many changes lately, so I felt like it was time to start a new blog.  From now on I will be posting on our new blog new house projectPlease click here!! And to celebrate new beginnings I will give a special Junji pot to the first three people to post a comment on our new blog!

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Last weekend we went to an art festival called A Fair in the Park.  My favorite of the day were these two prints from Tugboat Printshop–because I love the ocean more than anything and because they make me think of Kochi ❤


Diving Whales.

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Here is a photo from our last day in Kochi.  We were sitting in the airplane on the runway when we got a call from Joji.  He told us to look at the observation deck of the airport where we could see all of our friends waving to us.  It was very sweet!

And here we are in Pittsburgh.  On our first day we went to a park near the University of Pittsburgh where they have set up a new carousel.  It was a sunny and beautiful day.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much.  We are still exhausted from our travels and jetlag.  Saya is sick now with a high fever, and to make matters worse she got scratched across her face by Peaches the cat.  We have also been keeping busy looking for a place to live…  More updates soon!

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