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I haven’t posted much recently because I have been so busy.  We are in the midst of a big transition in our family.  After much thought and discussion Junji and I have decided to return to the States.  We are moving back at the end of August.  We are really busy with all of the details involved in an overseas move.  There really is a lot to be done.  We are still unsure about what the future holds for us exactly, but we are excited about all of the possibilities.  It should be an adventure for sure, so I hope you’ll stick around to see how it all unfolds.

In Kochi we are living in a very small apartment.  It is actually the first floor of a family home, and it is very lovely, but tiny.  My new hobby is fantasizing about our new home–wherever that may be.  When we move I want to be very intentional about the kind of home that we create and what we bring into our home.  I can spend hours looking at Japanese design magazines, and trying to figure out what I like.  One of the many things that I have gained from my time living in japan is a more clear sense of what I like in terms of design.

I recently bought two great books about sewing with linen.  They have lots of really nice projects in them, and I have been inspired.  (I wanted to give you the links to the Amazon Japan pages, but I am having trouble putting in Japanese links, so I will have to try that again later.) I made this bag for Saya’s toiletries (comb, nail clippers, sunscreen etc.).

I also made this little wall hanging for Saya’s new room.  (Everything I make seems to be for my daughter.)  I want my dad to help me make a cool wooden frame for it.

Sometimes I don’t know what to make, but I have lots of ideas floating around in my head right now–mostly for Saya’s clothes, so I hope I can find time for sewing amidst all of my moving duties.  Wish me luck!

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this week

Junji and I have both been at home sick this week. On Tuesday I felt awful at work, but I thought I was just over tired. I went home and had a nap, but I woke up feeling worse. About an hour later Junji came home from work saying how bad he felt. I usually hate going to the doctor, but this time I knew I had to. We both got the medicine that we needed and we stayed home from work the next day. My friend Chiyo really helped us out by taking care of Saya. Saya had her first night away from mom and dad! As soon as Chiyo left the house with Saya, I wondered if we had made a big mistake. I was afraid that Saya would wake up in the middle of the night not knowing where she was and totally freak out–or that she wouldn’t fall asleep well because she missed me. (That is the longest that we had ever been apart.) Well, it turns out that Saya had a great time playing with Chiyo and her daughter. She ate everything that they served her, went swimming, fell asleep without crying at all, and slept until 7:10 in the morning (later than she ever sleeps at home). Actually, she didn’t cry at all when she was away. I was proud of her for being such a good girl.

Look at this picture that I took of her today. I love it because she is smiling and looking at the camera–a rare shot–but also because she seems so grown up. She can run now! It’s crazy how fast time goes by when you are watching your little one grow up.
I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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more weekend photos

Trying to figure out the chopstick thing…   She insists on feeding herself these days.

beach babe

It doesn’t get much better than these smiles.

Elena, the little girl in the picture above, gave this dress to Saya.  She chose it herself, and I love it!  She has good taste.

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On Saturday we stayed at the beach all day and into the night.  We had a really good time with friends.  I took lots of photos throughout the day, but my favorites are these evening photos.  Everyone was tired out at this point–but in a good, relaxed kind of way.  We didn’t see an awesome sunset or anything, but the light was beautiful.

the bubble-catching dance

doesn’t junji look so sweet with a baby in his arms 🙂

Well, that’s probably enough pictures for now.  More tomorrow…

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feeling good

Saya and I had the most awesome two hour nap this afternoon!  I woke up feeling so good.  Also, it’s friday!!–which is always the best.  We celebrated with some sushi and beer after Saya went to bed, and tomorrow we get to spend the whole day at the beach!  I am feeling good today.

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We all went with Junji today to open the kiln that he fired over the weekend.  I wanted to support Junji, of course, but I also wanted first pick of the new pots.  (Saya couldn’t wait to get her hands on the pots too!)  Junji was really happy with the results of the firing.  I like the clear glaze that he is using.  The surface is really soft feeling.  You can see more photos in the kiln opening set on flickr.

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another first for saya

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