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I went to the mall tonight…all by myself!  I don’t usually get to do things by myself these days, but I have been wanting to browse at the bookstore without Saya, so I took the night off.  It is sale time here in Japan, so I ended up buying some clothes for Saya instead of books.  Junji always says that I dress Saya the same way that I dress myself.  It’s funny because I found these awesome clothes by Aneka Zephyr, and I wish they had them in my size!  They all look like stuff I would buy for myself.  They are a bit pricey but really nice.

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baby gifts

I have a few friends that have had babies recently, so I have been thinking a lot about ideas for baby gifts. These gauze handkerchiefs are a pretty standard baby item here in Japan, so I thought I would just buy some and do some simple stitching on them. I like the way they turned out, but now I am thinking that the designs don’t seem very baby-ish. Oh well… Tomorrow I am going to start on some bibs.

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I was out for a bike ride with Saya today, and we stopped at a small shop to look at the Japanese hand towels or ‘tenugui’ that are always on display outside. I always buy these to use as bibs for Saya. (I just tie them on like bandannas.) They come in the best prints. Today this snail print really caught my eye. I thought it was so cute, I couldn’t resist buying it. Actually, I am proud of myself for only buying two today. There were so many good ones. You can see some cool tenugui prints here!

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raspberry green tea

Isn’t this such a pretty color?

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feels like summer

Today Junji, Saya, and I had an afternoon nap together.  We had all of the windows open, so there was a nice breeze in the house.

In our garden, later in the afternoon.  I bought this dress for Saya in Thailand–it’s perfect for hot summer days.

Saya is smiling at our upstairs neighbors.

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summer dress

Here is a photo of the dress that I made for Saya.

Close up of the embroidery.

Finally, here is a picture of Saya with her daddy at the party.  Can you see the little flower in Saya’s hair?  It was her first time wearing a hair clip.  Such a big girl!

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It’s three in the morning here in Kochi.  I haven’t posted much this week because I have been busy with a sewing project.  We have a big party to go to tomorrow, and I decided that I would make a dress for Saya to wear.  I often get a bit overambitious with my projects, and I had to stay up late last night and tonight to finish in time…but I am finally finished!  I am so happy because the dress turned out well.  I think it is the perfect summer dress for Saya.  I am kind of a beginner when it comes to sewing, so usually the ideas that I have in my head don’t translate quite right when I actually try to make them, but this time I think I got it.  It is a sewing miracle!  (hmmm, now I have to figure out what I am going to wear)

I don’t have a photo of the dress yet, so here is a photo of my new shoes instead…

I love these sandals, and so does Junji.  He is the 10% owner of the shoes.  (We have the same size feet.)  They are handmade and recycled.

I hope everyone is having a good week!

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