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I don’t know who determines these things, but people have been saying that the rainy season has officially begun in Kochi. I guess that means that our short spring has come to an end. It has been raining lightly today, but yesterday we had a bit of sun. We went outside for a bit to visit with our turtle. We moved him outside for the summer. Saya loves the turtle. Her most historic tantrums have been over not being able to pick him up and play with him. Sometimes she’ll get her hands on the turtle, and when I say no and take him away from her, she just collapses on the floor screaming and crying. Poor Saya and poor turtle.

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I spent a little more time on this than I normally would on a bag. I had to make it extra special for my best girl.



(strap/embroidery on the back of the bag)

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I bought these boots for Saya in preparation for the rainy season, but they are also perfect for wading in the river. I returned to my new favorite spot with Saya today. It is the perfect distance from our house to get a good workout biking there, and it’s really quiet and lovely. Before Saya was born Junji and I used to spend hot summer days by the river–swimming and skipping stones. Saya can’t skip stones, of course, but she likes to pick them up and throw them into the water. That’s how we spent our afternoon today.

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It rained all day on Saturday. Junji was working, and Saya and I tried to find ways to entertain ourselves at home. She was so sweet coloring pictures and getting cozy on the futon, but by three o’clock I felt like we just had to get out of the house, so we went to the mall. (It seems like everyone goes to the mall on rainy days in Kochi. There aren’t too many indoor entertainment options around here.) I bought Saya her first baby doll. I thought she would love it, and I was right. Later that night we spent over an hour passing that little doll around between the three of us. She would carry the baby to me, make me hold her for about 10 seconds, take her back, carry her to Junji, hand her to Junji for ten seconds, take her back, carry her to me, and on and on and on. Well, I am happy that she likes her new toy.

Luckily, Sunday was a beautiful day. We had a potluck lunch at our house, and then a bunch of friends biked down the river to this cool park. Saya tested the water, and decided she wanted to swim, so we stripped her down and let her play in the river naked. After that she played in the park (still naked). I don’t know how many more of these perfect days we will have in Kochi before the rainy season and then the hot, humid summer sets in. At least we found a nice swimming spot to escape to.



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My camera has been at the shop for the past week, so I haven’t been taking many photos recently. But yesterday I finally got it back, with a new zoom lens! The first thing I had to do when I got my camera was take pictures of Junji’s pottery. It was frustrating at first because I wasn’t used to the new lens (plus I really don’t have any clue what I am doing), but I finally got these shots…

The highlight of my day was finally being able to play around with my camera while I was taking Saya for a walk. All of these photos are from around our neighborhood. I love to take pictures of our neighborhood because I like Kochi, and I always want to remember living here.

This flower looks like a tiny firework.

There are never any kids playing in this park near our house. It is overgrown, but I like it because it is so green.

Lonely seesaw.


I thought this picture was interesting because there is not much color, so it looks like it was shot in black and white. There are a lot of these concrete houses and apartment buildings around here.

And finally…

I love the way Saya relaxes in her stroller by resting her legs on the bar. I can relate to her because I always put my feet up on the dashboard when I am riding in the car.

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Saya got a late birthday present last weekend from my friend Chiyo. I have been wanting these wooden cutting foods for Saya, and Chiyo gave her a nice set to start her collection. She also gave her the hello kitty apron and bandanna to wear while she is playing kitchen. I don’t have many great photos recently because my good camera is broken 😦 But I think Saya looks hilarious in her outfit, so I had to post these. She was wearing this all afternoon while she was playing with her friends. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe because she was playing so seriously with her new toy, and serving food to everyone. I was so entertained watching her. I just know that Saya is going to love this toy for many years to come, so thank you Chiyo!

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I was looking through photos of Junji’s work today, and I put together a little set on flickr. I chose the ones that I liked best. Click here!

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