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Before Saya was even born I was already looking forward to buying a lunch box for her. Japanese lunch boxes are just so cute, well designed, and functional. Well, we are going on a school trip tomorrow and we have to pack our lunches, so I thought today was the perfect day for a stroll into town to go shopping for her lunch box. There were so many great ones to choose from, but I finally ended up choosing this one. The message on the side helped me make up my mind. Just perfect!

Hey!! Are you an adult or kid?

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We are going to the Anpanman Museum tomorrow!  We needed a project to do this week to prepare for our field trip, so we decorated these bags that the students will use to carry their lunch boxes and other things for the trip.  I am a big fan of kids’ artwork.  I am always blown away by the strength and freedom of their drawings.

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Junji’s cup

I was taking some photos of junji’s pottery the other day.  This cup is very nice.

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It’s always exciting when you discover a good restaurant, so I just have to share…
We had lunch yesterday at udon shop Miyake. It was fast, cheap, and super delicious–with fresh handmade noodles.

They had some cool pots too.

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For Saya…

…this cute coin purse from sou-sou, our favorite clothing/shoe store in Kyoto. They make awesome stuff–updates on traditional Japanese styles–that we covet but can’t usually afford.

And for me…

…a porcelain butter dish. I can’t tell you who made this, but Junji said it was a Dutch woman who works in Kyoto. He loved it when he saw it.

Thanks Junji!

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Junji has been in Kyoto this weekend, and Saya and I have been enjoying our time together in Kochi. Today, we went out by bicycle for the first time together.  (I borrowed a baby seat from my friend.)  It was so warm and sunny.  Saya was wearing her summer clothes, and I even ended up with a sunburn.

We went to one park to play, and then to central park for a picnic lunch.

Saya is into stairs these days.  She can’t pass up the chance to climb up and down any stairs that she can find.  

After lunch we went to check out the craft fair going on near our house.  I bought this apron for Saya…

…just in time to steal some of Maya’s ice cream!

It was a fun day, but we are looking forward to seeing Junji tomorrow.  He is coming back on the overnight bus, so hopefully he will be here when we wake up in the morning!  

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At the school where I work there is a kindergarten section and a nursery section.  I teach in the kindergarten section, and Saya recently started to join the nursery section a few days a week.  Today the little ones made these rocket ships, and they all loved playing with them.  Basically you just tape some streamers on a plastic bag and add a short string at the top of the bag for something to hold on to.  When the kids run holding on to the string, the bag fills with air and the streamers fly in the wind.  This project is simple to make and lots of fun–what more can you ask for!

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